Maximizing Guest Engagement and Revenue with streamTV

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, engaging guests and driving revenue simultaneously is crucial. streamTV rises to this challenge, transforming the in-room experience with personalised IPTV solutions that reflect your brand and foster loyalty.

Our system not only enhances guest convenience through seamless in-room dining and shopping but also serves as a profit generator. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Direct in-room ordering increases service uptake and value.
  • Sophisticated POS integration ensures operational efficiency.
  • A curated on-demand content library offers premium entertainment.
  • Strategic partnerships for broader service options and commissions.
  • Targeted in-room promotions capture guests’ attention.

Streamvision’s streamTV also introduces proactive messaging, a potent marketing tool for driving sales through direct communication with guests. The platform doubles as an entertainment and information hub, providing live TV, weather updates, and customisable property information with an intuitive interface.

Recognising unique property needs, we offer adaptable solutions and are committed to innovation to meet your specific requirements.

In summary, streamTV isn’t just IPTV—it’s a comprehensive tool for enhancing guest engagement and unlocking new revenue streams, aligning with the sophisticated expectations of modern travelers.